Get Your Game On

Posted on: January 31, 2019

It’s that time again!  Time to gather you family and friends for a Super Bowl viewing party.  We all know it’s just as much about the game as it is about the party, but don’t sweat it, hosting an enjoyable party doesn’t need to be stressful nor time consuming.

No need to slave in the kitchen all day, a Super Bowl party is super casual.  Stick to yummy finger foods that can be easily picked at throughout the game.  Nachos, wings, hot dogs and sliders are great options to serve.  I suggest checking out Metro and Subway for their party platters.  They have some delish options to choose from and it will save you prep time.

Keep the party flowing with some drinks.  Beer is a Super Bowl party staple so make sure to stop by The Beer Store to pick up some of your favs.  If your looking to shake things up a bit, grab a cocktail shaker from Kitchen Stuff Plus, then head on over to the LCBO to pick up your favourite spirits.  Check out the LCBO Food and Drink online magazine for inspiration and become an expert mixologist at your party.

For all party décor, Dollarama is your go-to place.  Find football themed décor to spruce up your party.  While you’re there grab paper plates, napkins and cups in the playing teams’ colours.  Pick up some supplies and get creative with DIY crafts and give your party décor a personal touch.

See?  Not so hard!  Sit back, relax, watch the game and score a touchdown with your buddies at a Super Bowl party to remember.