Get Ready, Get Set, Goal!

Posted on: January 4, 2019

The beginning of the new year is always exciting for everyone.  It’s often the time to set goals, plan our year out effectively and make positive changes.  With this being said a planner can help us plan our year, months, weeks and days ahead.  I always begin the year with a surge of positive energy in anticipation of what’s to come in the new year.  With e-mail services like Outlook and our smart phones that help us plan our day, to-do lists and meetings, it’s a hand held, self written planner that helps me stay the most organized.  There’s something about writing things down that helps me plan better than just typing out a to-do list on my computer or scheduling an appointment on my phone.  I personally recommend using both though.  A planner helps me organize everything by being able to see my day laid out in front of me, whereas my phone reminders can help me remember things in the moment e.g. to make an important call, time to leave for an appointment, etc.  In order to use a planner you’ll need to first pick one out for yourself.  Coles at Cloverdale has planners in many different textures and a variety of patterns to choose from, whether it’s leather bound or a fun patterned hardcover.  While aesthetics are important since the right look visually can motivate you to actually use your planner, the format and layout is what is most important.  This is where you will be writing everything down and planning your time and so it’s important that you pick a layout that works best for you.  When I was in college my planner choice was very different than what it is now.  With a very heavy course load, I had opted for a landscape planner that let me schedule in all my classes for each day and gave me space to write down notes for each class.  In addition, it also gave me extra space each day to note down my evening plans or any important reminders.  When it came to aesthetics,  I would gravitate towards brighter colours and fun patterns.  Not to discredit the assistance I had from caffeine during those 8:00 am classes, but having a bright colored planner to use helped in waking me up and get me motivated.  I now tend to go for a completely different layout to suit my lifestyle and prefer a soft leather in neutral shades.  So, grab your planner at Coles and start planning your goals.  Cheers to a goal-achieving 2019!