Get Floaty

Posted on: July 5, 2019

With July here, things are heating up which means I’ll be spending a lot of time by the pool or at the beach cooling off in the water.  One of my musts to take with me is a pool float.  They are great for relaxing in the water and you can get some fab instagrammable shots with them.  Why lay on a lounge chair when you can relax on the back of a colourful unicorn instead?  It’s time to break out the pool floats and soak up some sun.  For your summer supply of floats, head over to Winners and look for the ‘South Beach’ brand for some colourful floaties.  Chill on a giant slice of watermelon or take a nap on a sprinkled donut or my personal favourite – the pink flamingo!  They even have a floatie which is basically a lounge chair with cup holders and handles for ultimate pool goals.  While you’re at the beach lounging on a big blow up rainbow, don’t forget to keep your electronics safe.  ‘South Beach’ also has a water resistant dry bag set in various colours and designs to keep your items protected.  This set contains 3 bags, one for your tablet, one for your cell phone and one for you ear buds.

So throw away that pool noodle as a glam summer awaits full of insta-worthy inflatables.