Food: The Language of Love

Posted on: February 10, 2022

Food Is Love

What’s your love language?  Mine is food.  Cooking for others or being cooked for–that’s tender lovin’ care!  A boldly flavoured brunch is an unforgettable way to show you care.  Instead of the more traditional breakfast in bed staples of pancakes or waffles, I’m partial to savoury Tex Mex flavours.

Crunchy, creamy, spicy, and tangy!  I like a riff on this Tex Mex with Eggs recipe from the LCBO.  To change it up I opt to switch out the Canadian bacon for Mexican chorizo and crisp up the corn tortilla to make the dish more like a tostada and garnish with lots of cilantro.  If your beloved can handle the heat top it off with a few shakes of hot sauce!

Take the time to up your coffee game with one of the options provided in Metro’s Ultimate Coffee Guide.  I’m going to try one of those coffee cocktails!  Just great, freshly brewed coffee with a splash of rum!

This Valentine’s Day take a little time to start the day off with creating something special, spicy, savoury and shared with those you love.

Tag @cloverdalemall with your Valentine’s Day breakfast ideas.

~ Holly, Guest Services Coordinator