Everyday Sustainability

Posted on: April 22, 2022

Clovers are green and so is Cloverdale.  Over the years we’ve planted trees, collected personal electronics for recycling, installed wind turbines and an electric car charging station, as well as provided complimentary soil made from the shopping centre’s spent coffee grounds.  Our retailers are just as passionate about sustainability, especially on Earth Day.  Cloverdale has #allyouneed to make easy changes that can have a big environmental impact.

If you’re like me you have a junk drawer with a selection of used batteries, Rexall will take your rechargeable alkaline and single-use batteries for safe disposal.

Diverting electronic waste is really the mandate of Mobile Klinik.  They started out as mobile phone repair specialists and have expanded their offerings to include selling previously owned phones, both of which extend the life of mobile devices and keeps them out of landfills, so bring in those cracked screens or last years model and breathe new life into those cellular phones!

Kitchen Stuff Plus, Coles and Nature’s Counter cover the at home and on the go ways you can cut down on single-use and plastic items such as refillable water bottles, reusable produce bags, stackable lunch containers, shampoo and body bars, dish soap bars, beeswax wrap and bamboo toothbrushes.

Whether you’re starting to explore sustainable options that work for your life or are looking to expand your options, “we’re here everyday, for your everyday needs!”.

Tag @cloverdalemall with all the ways you’re celebrating sustainability and Earth Day.

~ Holly, Guest Services Coordinator