Eggciting Easter Essentials!

Posted on: March 24, 2023

Easter is on the way, again!  To have an eggciting Easter you must have the essentials.  Are you planning an Easter egg hunt for the little ones?  Then you will need plastic eggs (Dollarama has great stock), then fill your eggs with delicious goodies from Bulk ‘N’ Bits—sweet treats like Hershey Eggies, Carrot Cake Kisses, Jelly Belly candies and so much more.

If the snow in the garden has melted, scatter the eggs in the shrubs.  Otherwise, you can transform your home into a hunting ground!  Leave clues such as bits of straw (raffia works well too), rabbit footprints or coloured ribbons where the eggs will be hidden.   All decor essentials you can find at Dollarama.

Now you need something for the kids to hold their found eggs in . . . like an Easter basket!  By the way, the saying ‘Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’ doesn’t apply at Easter.  It is a MUST!  Ha ha!  Check out the collection of Easter baskets available at Coles from Wonder Co. including the Wicker Bunny Easter Basket, a charming wicker-made bunny face and ears, the washable Blue Bunny Canvas Easter Basket with a cute bunny tail on the back, the pretty pastel woven Rope Easter Basket and the adorable, soft and fuzzy Plush Bunny Easter Basket.  Aren’t they just darling?

What to do with the kids after the Easter egg hunt?  Have them show off their arts and crafts skills with the essentials from Dollarama.  Stock up on crayons, markers, and Easter themed colouring books, stickers, painting kits and lots more, to keep the little ones occupied.

Go natural with dyeing your eggs this Easter.  This eggciting tradition is a must with the kids.  Turn on nature’s color using scraps and food you probably already have on hand to dye your Easter eggs.  You can use beets, cabbage, turmeric, tea, and more.  Visit Metro’s website for the directions on how to naturally colour Easter eggs from Metro.  TIP: The longer the eggs soak, the more intense the colour!

One more essential for Easter:  Meet The Easter Bunny, of course!  Get ‘Eggcited for Easter’ by registering your family for a one-on-one visit and photo with The Easter Bunny from March 25 to April 8.

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Have a Hoppy Easter!

~Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator

Wicker Bunny Easter Basket Image: @indigo