Dry January: Ways to see it through

Posted on: January 20, 2023

So, it’s right after a season filled with celebration, which at times meant an absorbent amount of alcohol consumption, many decided to detox from alcohol during a month-long sobriety challenge called “Dry January”.  Here are a variety of ways to enjoy January, alcohol-free:
LCBO Food & Drink has the Pomegranate Mojito—pomegranate juice, sugar and mint,  yields the perfect blend of sweet and tart in this easy-to-make Mojito-inspired mocktail.  A wonderful year-round drink. Yum! Find the recipe on the LCBO website.
Create amazing drinks at home with  The Sodastream Art Carbonating Machine available at Kitchen Stuff Plus.  It is what you need to make your alcohol-free drinks sparkle this ‘Dry January’—with just the push of a button easily turn flat water into fresh sparkling water and flavor it to your liking. 
HP Juniper Gin.  Yes, you read it correctly!  Proudly made in Quebec, each batch is handcrafted in a traditional copper still to produce a classic London dry gin with all the familiar botanical ingredients but NONE of the alcohol!  Available at select Winners locations, it comes in classic, floral and signature (a quality tonic dressed with fresh blood orange slices).  An ideal booze-less beverage for ‘Dry January’.
You may be alcohol-free for the month of January, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sip your beverages in a sophisticated wine glass.  Home Hardware has a great selection that includes Trudeau Brava’s 20 oz Stemless Red Wine Glasses—Set of 8.  This dishwasher-safe collection, created in made in Czech Republic, brings style to any table.
Did you know there are great benefits to giving up alcohol?  Even a brief break from alcohol for moderate to heavy drinkers can produce immediate health benefits.  Among them:
  • Weight loss
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mood and energy levels
  • Increased physical activity due to more energy
  • Better diet due to better dietary restraint and fewer empty calorie intake
  • Decreased growth factors related to cancer, insulin resistance, and blood pressure
  • A reduction in liver fat and blood sugar

Make sure to visit your family practitioner, like the team at the Cloverdale Medical Centre, for more information.

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~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator