Delight Dad for Father’s Day!

Posted on: June 18, 2023

For Father’s Day, let’s do better than giving Dads boring ties . . . Why not present Dads with what they really and truly want?  No matter the kind of Dad you have, Showcase has all the games, equipment, gadgets, and snacks that will delight any father.
For the ‘Big Kid’ Dad, example: Adam Sandler type:

Why not get Dad the kind of stuff that’ll have him playing with the kids all day long.

The GelStormer: Electric Gel Splatter Launcher will have him (and maybe some fellow Dads) partake in some adrenaline-fueled fun in the sun.  This rechargeable water toy uses biodegradable water-filled gel balls that burst upon impact, providing a thrilling and mess-free experience.


For the ‘Outdoorsy’ Dad, example: Jason Momoa type:
Have the Dad that loves to be “one-with-nature”?  Let Showcase make life outside a little more enjoyable for Dad!

  • The Optifier | HD Monocular Phone Telescope with 40X magnification and an extra wide field of view is perfect for the Dad needs to see it all.  The Optifier can be used as a traditional telescope, handheld or with the included tripod.  Plus—included is an adapter to attach his smartphone camera to the telescope!


  • A way to beat the heat and sun is with the Sunshade Canopy Chair.  It has insulated drink holders in the arm rests, easy access storage pouches and a pop-up waterproof canopy to keep the sun off.


  • Don’t let pesky bugs drive Dad into madness!  The Zap Rack 2-in-1 Rechargeable Bug Swatter & Lamp is the ultimate solution for hassle-free pest control.  Designed with a unique bendable handle, this innovative device can be transformed into a lamp that sits on any flat surface, attracting and eliminating bugs effortlessly.
For the ‘Food Dude’ Dad, example: Guy Fieri type:

Is Dad the type that LOVES food? For Father’s Day, gift him something hot, something cold—and something sour!

  • Can your Dad handle the heat?  Well then you must gift him the Hot Ones® Full Season 19 Sauce Lineup.  This hot sauce 10-pack which features the complete lineup of sauces used on Season 19 of the hit YouTube show “Hot Ones.”
  • Have Dad take his snacking game to the next level with Trendy Treasures Pickle Kit Mystery Box is perfect for adventurous snackers who love to try new and exciting flavors.  A huge selection of tongue-twistingly tart, sour, or hot giant pickles.
For more fatherly gifts stop by Showcase, and let Dad know how much you care for Father’s Day! Share your Father’s Day gifts with us by tagging @cloverdalemall on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
Happy Father’s Day!
~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator