D.I.Y. Holiday Teddy Bear Gift Wrap

Posted on: December 14, 2022

“It’s what’s inside that counts.” is a true saying but the outside can be just as special.  Taking the time to gift wrap with care can add that special touch that personalizes any present.  For Christmas time, get the kids involved by using their imagination and arts and crafts skills to create fun holiday teddy bear gift wrap out of plain kraft gift wrapping paper.  All crafting supplies are available at Dollarama and Home Hardware.


Kraft paper rolls
Coloured cardstock and/or poster board paper: white, red and black
Coloured felt sheets: white and black
Brown fabric ribbon (1 inch to 1.5 inches in width)
Double-sided tape
White craft glue
Black marker
Pom poms
Gift boxes


  1. Fill your gift box with that special present.  Tip: Add some festive tissue paper, too!
  2. Wrap gift box in Kraft paper rolls on all sides. Secure with double-stick tape.
  3. Cut two semi-circles from Kraft paper for the ears, and two smaller semi-circles from white felt for the inside of the ears.  Stick each one of the white felt semi-circles onto the center of each Kraft paper ear with white craft glue.
  4. Cut two small black circles from the black cardstock for the eyes.
  5. Cut one large circle out of the white cardstock. Using a black marker draw the nose and mouth.
  6. Cut two circles from red cardstock for the cheeks or use red pom poms.
  7. Cut the brown fabric ribbon the same width as the box, including the sides. Cut another piece at about 8″ long.
  8. Cut two long semi-circles from Kraft paper for the paws. Cut six small slits of black felt for the toes, and glue them onto the paws.
  9. Assemble the polar bear features as shown with glue or double-sided tape.

See what some creativity can make?  When delivering your gift, be sure to announce:  “I come BEARing gifts!”

Make sure to snap a pic and tag @cloverdalemall with your D.I.Y. Holiday Teddy Bear Gift Wrap.

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator.