Cozy Comforts

Posted on: November 2, 2021

My favourite season is upon us – Autumn! It’s a feast for the senses; the crunch of the leaves on the ground, a kaleidoscope of warm colours as the leaves change, and the crisp scent of wood smoke and cinnamon that spike the air.  Cozy is the word of the season as it evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. Cloverdale is here to help you suit up and set up for the best season of all.

Blankets – there’s nothing like curling up on the couch with a soft throw as the temperatures nosedive and the wind howls.  Winners always has a wonderful selection to get you toasty warm and in the mood to settle down for a night in.

Keep your toes and fingers tender and warm with some scrunchy reading socks or woolen mitts from Coles.

Holding a steaming cup of Tim Hortons’ hot chocolate and breathing in the heavenly scents as you take a stroll to catch peak fall colour changes is an ideal date.

Earthy oranges, browns, and reds evoke the hues of the season so pop into Dollarama to bring some of nature’s beauty to your home – an autumnal wreath for your door or some decorative gourds for your windowsill.

However, you want to embrace the transition – from the sunny yellows and the light and airy to the earthy shades and cozy comforts, Cloverdale has #allyouneed.  Make sure to tag @cloverdalemall as you welcome the best season of all!

~ Holly, Guest Services Coordinator