Cottage Getaway Prep

Posted on: June 5, 2022

It’s cottage time in Ontario!  The sun is sticking around as are the heat and humidity.  It’s time to head out of the city with loved ones for meals under the sun and the stars, a swim in the lake, and setting the scene for a road trip to the cottage and back—but none of that is possible without a checklist!  Getting the essentials ready and packed before you head out on your cottage getaway means you can enjoy rather than worry.  Please see below for the ultimate cottage getaway prep.

Road Trip Games

  • The anticipatory excitement quickly wanes for the little ones as the minutes on the road tick by, having an arsenal of travel games will give you all peace of mind.  Sunrise Records sells handheld retro arcade games, and Dollarama has your deck of cards (for 52 pick–up, the best game for older siblings and not so much for the youngest as they get to pick up all those cards!), but don’t head out of Dollarama yet as you can get some activity books—word searches, spot-the-differences pictures, sudoku, colouring books, etc.  Follow all of that up with the family fun of the classic game “eye spy.”

Cleaning Supplies

  • Cloverdale has a comprehensive Spring cleaning guide that has a host of helpful tips to get any entertainment space or cooking area ready once you arrive at the cottage.

BBQ Tips

  • Metro can always be counted on when BBQ season arrives.  The freshest local produce, meat, and dairy ensures your grill will be used on the very best.  Check out Metro’s guide for grilling meat and vegetables.  Stop by Home Hardware to pick up a cooler (maybe in Cloverdale green), ice packs and an ice blanket to transport all that edible goodness.
  • With your food shopping complete read over Home Hardware’s tips and tricks to cook every meal to perfection.

Food Serving Supplies

  • With all those amazing meals you’re sure to make don’t let them languish on a boring old white plate—the cottage is all about being informal and fun!  With the Kitchen Stuff Plus Capri or Madrid lines, you’ll literally have sunshine on a plate!  The blues and yellows will mirror the sea and the sky so when you gobble up your chicken skewers or grilled corn you won’t be as sad to see an empty plate.

Skin Protection

  • As you get out in the sun to enjoy the water, participate in outdoor sports, and dine al fresco choosing the correct skin protection is imperative.  Rexall  has conveniently categorized their sunscreens for specific needs in an e-flyer, so choosing the one to suit your needs is easy!
  • Don’t forget, mosquitos and ticks love the summer as much as you so protect yourself with bug spray that contains DEET or icaridin.  It’s also a good idea to follow these steps to reduce the risk of tick bites.


  • Winners always has the latest styles, and you can bet they’ll have a two-piece, one-piece, or a rash guard with compression shorts that calls out to you!  If the lake you’ll be swimming in is particularly rocky think about snagging a pair of swim shoes to save that pedicure from the ravages of a rough lake floor.

Outdoor Games

  • Cottage time is all about being outdoors and balancing lazing about with being active.  Check out last year’s suggestions for outdoor fun because the classics like soccer, cricket, and flying disc never disappoint!

City slickers, Tetris your car trunks with all your supplies, check that the kiddos are safely buckled into the back seat, slip on your shades, choose a favourite playlist, and count down the minutes until cottage time because with this checklist you’ll be more than prepared!  Tag @cloverdalemall with all your cottage tips and tricks.

~Holly, Guest Services Coordinator