Central Etobicoke Community Hub Coordinating Committee

Posted on: October 27, 2019

September 24, 2019

On Tuesday September 22nd, members of the Central Etobicoke Community Hub Coordinating Committee (CECHCC) hosted their quarterly meeting at the Cloverdale Common.

Whilst at the Common, the CECHCC and the Cloverdale Team swapped updates each of their respective projects and their general direction and momentum. Both parties will continue this information-sharing relationship with the common goal of supporting community amenities in Central Etobicoke.

The formation of the CECHCC dates back to the 90’, out of a need for more community advocacy in Etobicoke. In the last two years they have put together a both a feasibility study and a facilities analysis of public land in Etobicoke. CECHCC is currently working on an initiative that includes a Community Hub at the Etobicoke Civic Center, once it has been moved to 6-points as the co-locating of many diverse community organizations would address “long-standing deficits including local space needs and service gaps in Central Etobicoke”(Ce-Hub feasibility study).

Visit the Central Etobicoke Community Hub website to learn more.