Can you hear me?

Posted on: November 14, 2020

We’re settling into wearing masks but may still struggle with communicating through the barriers of fabric, plexiglass, and the natural noise around us.  It can be frustrating, and you may find yourself leaning in when you should be keeping 6 ft. apart.  Not ideal.

Here are a few of the tactics I use when combating the challenges imposed by masks.

  1. Move to a quieter area (if possible)
  2. Look the person in the eye and speak clearly and slowly
  3. Use hands and body language to emphasize points i.e. Using your hands to indicate direction, or numbers, a thumbs up, etc.
  4. Project your voice without yelling
  5. Remember smiles can be seen even with a mask on so smile, smile, smile!

It’s tempting for some people to slip their mask down so lips can be read, and sound isn’t dampened but doing that defeats the purpose of the mask so patience and, yes, repetition are the way forward.

If you’re finding the above tips aren’t enough to break down the barriers, check out Hearing Solutions free Online Hearing Test which might offer more insight into your specific challenges.  A next step could be to book a complimentary in-person hearing assessment.

Human connection feels ever more important as we enforce a bubble of space around ourselves so let’s do what we can to make the most of all we have to hear each other.  As you make your way to Hearing Solutions pass by Guest Services and I’ll have a smile at the ready and a double thumbs up for you!

Holly, Guest Services Representative