Breakup Summer Boredom

Posted on: July 20, 2022

Summer is fun!  The ice cream, swimming, tag, and no homework—but after a few weeks even that can become routine.  Shake out the boredom by engaging the kids in these three fun and creative activities.

If your little one is a bit bedraggled from too much sun and you’re doing what you can to limit screen time, pulling out a tried-and-true jigsaw puzzle can get even the staunchest gamers to put aside the handheld consoles and join in the family fun.  Pendragon Comics & Cards has a selection of puzzles for all ages from landscapes to comic book characters.  With several shelves of puzzles, you can choose from a 100-piece that glows-in-the-dark, or a 300-piece Superman in a classic pose, or if you’re a Christmas in July fan they’ve got a great selection of Santa or Christmas scenes.  I just received a repurposed Christmas card as a birthday card – the holly wreath really didn’t say birthday, but it did remind me of these puzzles!

Science and fun go hand in hand with giant bubbles.  Simple, inexpensive, and always joyful when the sun hits those massive bubbles and provides a rainbow of colours.  Once you and the little ones get comfortable creating large bubbles you can have a contest to see who can make the biggest one!  This simple recipe for sturdier bubbles can be made with ingredients from Metro and Rexall. The bubble wands at Toy City Plus come in a variety of colours and sizes. It’s bubble time!

Chalk is the ultimate in creative play and keeping things cheap and cheerful!  With the primary colours and the ubiquitous white, you can hopscotch, word match or create a new sidewalk maze every day.  A little water or let the rain do its thing and the fun restarts the next day.  Dollarama has large tubs of chalk to share amongst the kiddos.

Don’t let Summer boredom get you and the kiddos down, try the above activities and make sure to tag @cloverdalemall in all your summer fun.

~ Holly, Guest Services Coordinator