The Best Beer + Takeout Pairings for Father’s Day!

Posted on: June 19, 2022

Hey Dads, ever ask yourself what beer pairs well with your favourite take-out dishes?  We’ll, we’re counting down to Father’s Day by detailing which beers from The Beer Store combine well with Cloverdale’s mighty selection of take-out options!

Souvlaki or gyros + Belgian witbier

Some Belgian-style wheat (or “white”) beers have a slight tang of lactic acid, so they’re super-delicious alongside a zippy dairy dip, like yogurt-based tzatziki.  A witbier also gives you sunny citrus aromas, which is like adding a spritz of lemon to the juicy grilled meat in either souvlaki or gyros.
Try a Blue Moon Mango Wheat witbier with any of Mr. Souvlaki’s Souvlaki dinner plate combos!

Egg and cheese + radler

Beer for breakfast?  It might be a crazy thought, but as food and beer pairings become increasingly popular as part of a delicious meal the thought doesn’t seem so crazy.  Depending on your choice of brunch, the choice of beer pairing will follow.  For those egg and cheese lovers that like A&W’s Cheese & Egger, choose a radler like Beaus Radler, to pair up with your traditional brunch.  A radler–an effervescent and malty blend made of wheat or lager beer combined with grapefruit, limes, oranges juice, or classical lemonade.  The citrus of the beer paired with the many egg varieties on the A&W menu, will have your taste buds happy with your early afternoon treat.  It’s 11 o’clock somewhere!

Mmmm. . . a local trio of deliciousness: Tourtière, butter tarts + brown ale!

If you’re travelling down the traditional roads of Ontario and Quebec cuisine, choose a nutty brown ale from The Beer Store as your companion.  Etobicoke’s very own Black Oak Nut Brown Ale by Black Oak Brewing Co. is a hearty partner for almost-too-rich tourtière, and it offers up a sweetness that may remind you of the caramel-flavoured filling in an old-fashioned butter tart.  Nutty brown ale also pairs tastily with all your fave butter tart variations — we won’t judge if you’re #TeamRaisin or #TeamPecan. Grab a tourtière and butter tarts for Father’s Day at your local Metro!


A pairing of your dreams: Pad Thai, mango salad + dark lager

If you’re travelling down the traditional roads of Ontario and Quebec cuisine, choose a nutty brown ale
Thai cuisine is all about balancing salt, spice, sourness and sweetness. Combining a dark lager such as, an Expedition Big Foot with a pad thai and mango salad from Thai Express, that lager can keep up with that flavour complexity. It has sweetness to match the tamarind in pad Thai and the mangoes in the salad, but it’s crisp and refreshing enough to chill out the saltiness of the fish sauce (and, of course, the heat of any added sriracha).


Sushi + pale lager, an excellent duo!

Pale lager, ex: is an ideal beer choice for sushi — and the drier the better.  The flavours and aromas of sushi you can find at Sushi K Express are subtle and normally get overwhelmed by a strongly flavoured accompaniment.  But enjoying your sushi with Sapporo, a subtle lager will help you savour every morsel.  Added bonus: Beer is a wonderful heat stopper if you happen to get a super-spicy bite of dynamite roll or overdo it on the wasabi.

The forever match: Italian-style feasts + pilsner

Some families fill their plates with old-country, Italian comfort foods, like lasagna, penne, gnocchi and chicken, veal and/or eggplant parmigiana.  Many of these dishes are readily available in Metro’s prepared foods section.  With these hearty mains, Clean Break Pilsner–a local pilsner by Cowbell Brewing Co., is an ideal match to mix Canada with Italy!  The bold hops accent the basil, oregano and other herbs in sauces, and the light body won’t leave you feeling stuffed.


The best pairing: Desserts all the time + fruit beer

Some would say we’re saving the best for last — and maybe we are.  When it’s time for desserts, by all means sweeten up your beer as well.  A berry-flavoured option from The Beer Store: Waterloo Brewing’s Field Berry Radler can complement both fruit and chocolate in whatever desserts you load up on at Tim Hortons, whether its a chocolate dip donut or a strawberry fill donut, it’s all good!

Personalize Father’s Day this year with Dad’s favorite meal and beverage. Make sure to tag @cloverdalemall to show us how you celebrated this year!

Happy Father’s Day!!

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator