All That Sparkles

Posted on: April 9, 2020

While I find ways to keep up with my beauty routine as I practice social distancing, I have come across a creative solution for my outgrown manicure.  It’s a twist to the classic french nails and will make my current manicure last longer.

The lovely ladies at Cloverdale Nails had given me a fab gel manicure, but now my nails had grown and the roots were showing.  I went through my nail polish collection and grabbed all my Essie glitter polishes such as ‘Set in stones’ and ‘Sparkles between us’.  My current manicure is a pale glossy pink and I found Essie’s ‘A cut above’ to be the perfect sparkly pink companion.  The trick to freshening your nails is to add the glitter to the grown-out area.  You can stop at the cuticle for a reverse glittery french manicure or bring the glitter about halfway up for a sparkly ombre effect.  It’s super simple to do and took me only 5-10 minutes to do all my nails.  Since you’re using a glitter polish you won’t have that uneven bump, whereas if you decided to use a regular polish to re-paint your nails, you will be left with a bump where your old polish ends and new polish begins.  I enjoy glitter polishes as it always brings a bit of cheer as I glance at my nails throughout the day.  Although I bring out my glitter polishes only during the holiday season, the glitter application here is so subtle that it works great all year long.

Keep your nails looking fab longer as you rock this cuticle art.

~Asna, Guest Services Coordinator

📷: Essie