A Toast to the End of Summer!

Posted on: September 22, 2022

Well, it is the last day of Summer and with that comes the winding down of hot days and nights where we engage in cottage getaways, backyard entertaining, pool parties and such.  Let’s say ‘Cheers!’, to the local makers of Ontario’s craft ciders and seltzers, available at LCBO, for the last day of summer.  After all, their libations have made our summer days even more enjoyable!

Ardiel Cider House—named after its home of Victoria Corners in Blue Mountain, Ontario, has added pear cider to its product line.  This cider encompasses flavours of delicious pear with refreshing bubbles and a dry finish combined to make an elegant perry.  Perhaps, pair this cider with a fruit and cheese platter.  Put together a party platter!  Pile on lots of grapes and pears, pretty little water crackers, pistachio-crusted goat cheese—whatever your heart desires.  Here is an easy recipe from Metro for their Goat Cheese and Nuts Candy.

Bid adieu to Summer by cracking open a Pombucha!  An exquisite blend of cider and kombucha from DRINKLAB, a craft drinks company, founded in 2018 by Brock Shepherd, who is passionate about creating innovative, category-defining products that change the way you drink.  This beverage consists of cider made from locally grown Honeycrisp apples and the subtle tang of kombucha. Pombucha would be excellent with a plate of fish and chips.  Metro replaces classic fries with red beet chips!

Have you heard of Willibald’s Watermelon Seltzer?  The Willibald Farm Distillery and Brewery knew what they were doing with this dry, crisp and clean candied watermelon bouquet of flavour. Try it with barbeque spareribs (this recipe from Metro will have your family licking their fingers!).

Well, there you have it my friend, this guide should make the summer’s end just a little more enjoyable.  Share images of your end of summer antics with us by tagging @cloverdalemall on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator


Images by @ardielcider and @drinkwillibald via Instagram.