The Tale of A Coles Christmas

Posted on: December 8, 2022

Gather ‘round everyone, gather ‘round . . . I have a tale to tell.

T’was several days before Christmas, as I dashed through Cloverdale (not) in a one-horse open sleigh, I was overwhelmed by the feelings of future Christmas shopping hurdles.  Thoughts came rushing of the jostling of the crowds, circling the parking lot endlessly hoping to find a spot, and the long queues—all whilst shaking off the brisk frosty winter weather, only to be met with rows and rows of not-quite-right products.  This annual task, which is supposed to be joyous, has become a dreaded feat for me.  The days are darker and shorter, making it harder to get out and get the goods; and I still haven’t the slightest idea as to what to get and where to go.  Is there a shop where I can find it all for gifting this holiday season?

Just when I was on the precipice of despair, I suddenly came upon a wondrous sight.  A sweet, little place filled to the brim with objects—trinkets, apparel, books, and décor.  Oh my!  Things that I know so many (family, friends, and co-workers) would adore.  Could it be?  That the long-awaited answer to my dilemma is—Coles?  Might this destination save me from enduring, what feels like a never-ending search for presents?  I couldn’t pass up this enticing feeling; so I entered!

This is the tale of A Coles Christmas.

As I explore this magical space, I am drawn to the cookbook shelf because it has all anyone would need for the home at this time of year.  I gasp, as I gaze at a bookshelf where I come upon The Christmas Movie Cookbook: Recipes From Your Favorite Holiday Films.  Perfect for my cooking AND movie loving aunt!  Imagine savouring a slice of Breakfast Strata from the enjoyable 2005 Christmas comedy-drama film The Family Stone or diving into A Christmas Carol’s Christmas pudding—Mrs. Cratchit’s specialty dessert, remember?

I have a buddy who my friends and I always say should partake in a side gig as a mixologist, for how excellently they create new and innovative mixed drinks.  With their rich appreciation for ingredients and mixing techniques, they definitely would enjoy this book, The Encyclopedia Of Cocktails: Over 1,000 Cocktails For Every Occasion with this Gold Rim Martini Glass Set of Two by Oui.  The friendly Customer Experience Representative came from behind the cash to mention that there is a matching ‘Set of 3 Marble Block Bar Tools’ also by the same brand, available online.  They can order it and I can pick it up or have it shipped to my home in a couple of days!

Perusing through packages of traditional holiday party crackers, I am reminded that my sister is hosting Christmas this year, like she does every year.  Browsing serving trays, thinking these ‘Wood Nesting Serving Trays’, are just her home décor style.  Yes, I make sure to help at family gatherings, where needed.  I am the designated table setter and (self-proclaimed) prolific dessert maker— sometimes bringer.  And that’s when I see it . . . as I glance over to my right, a pile of square boxes with handles halts me in my tracks.  Panettone!  This Stefano Faita Traditional Panettone, also available in lemon, apple cinnamon and tiramisu is a must try—for “research purposes” of course.

Wandering around the display tables, I couldn’t help but notice little outfits hung around some tables with care.  Definitely for the littlest ones of any family who may be having their first Christmas.  In my family, the littlest one is now five, and he is enraptured with all things dinosaurs or vehicles.  Oh, how I was relieved to come upon a wall showcasing the Schleich Dinosaurs Advent Calendar, where behind each door is a prehistoric surprise and assorted Diecast Car Singles, authentic replica toy vehicles.  Done, and done.

We cannot forget a treat for the four-legged family members!  This durable, and adorable novelty dog chew toy comes in a plush gingerbread design to blend in with all the holiday décor around your home.  This will provide my cousin’s dog with much joy.

Doesn’t every office always have that one co-worker that is always cold?  I know I do!  Gifting for this individual will be easy as I see on the left wall display at Coles are many variants of Indigo’s Mug & Socks Set.  This cute and functional duo includes one generously sized porcelain mug with a cozy pair of knit socks.  Passing by the Holiday books stand is where I found a grand selection of holiday rom-com novels, to maybe add to my freezing associate’s cozy gift:

(Note: A Christmas murder mystery novel caught my eye with the description “. . . solving a mystery as dense as a Christmas fruitcake.”  You know I HAD to pick this one up for myself, right?  Now, *ahem* back to shopping for others. . .)  I can see her now, sipping a tasty cup of tea, reading her holiday novel in her comfy and stylish socks.  Secret Santa gift—completed.  Check!  Oops, I hope she isn’t reading this . . .

Finishing up, I notice laid out in multiple spots throughout this shop is an assortment of beautiful gift wrap, gift bags and wrap accessories.  Quite smart of Coles to remind the shopper of the final materials needed to complete their mission.  As you place the gorgeously wrapped gifts under the tree or as you hand them out, do call attention to the fantastic job you did beautifying the boxy and bulky items.  After all your trials and tribulations, you’ve earned the praise!  I use to be a professional gift wrapper back in my good ol’ days, so I always make sure to choose the best of a store’s gift-wrapping goods.  Here’s a little tip for those not skilled with wrapping technique, instead of scurrying over to the trusty paper gift bags why not try tying your loved ones’ gifts in the hottest trend—fabric gift bags.  Go for sustainable style and elegance in pleated soft tones, dashing velvet, and kind-friendly fun prints.  The addition of a coordinating tag is just as important, and voila you are done!

The sun has now set and oh, what a glorious experience this was, checking off every last item on my list.  With my arms full, I took my time carrying my precious merchandise out to my sleigh (I mean car).  More than pleased with my holiday finds and this shopping experience.  It had everything I needed and more!  Proof?  Christmas Dessert Murder by Joanne Fluke.  Yes, that is the title of the holiday murder mystery novel.  Intriguing isn’t it.

Merry Christmas to all, and my greatest hope is that this tale benefits you this Holiday shopping season.

I would be amused to hear about your holiday shopping chronicles.  Saunter over to @cloverdalemall and tag us with the details.

~ Gillaine, Marketing Coordinator